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 Maracujá Laboratório de Artes

The name Maracujá Laboratório de Artes was chosen by the group because it sums up its artistic proposal: the "passion fruit" represents the passion of the group in researching new possibilities with each work, always mixing diverse languages ​​to create spectacles as singular as its beautiful and singular flower.
These references were observed in a passion fruit's tree that existed in the headquarters of the company at the time of its foundation, and ended up serving as inspiration for the beginning of the work of the group. The words "Laboratório de Artes" (that means "Laboratory of Arts" in English) reinforce the will of its members to be in constant research, experimenting with artistic languages ​​that dialogue with contemporary theater.
Since its founding in 2005,  Maracujá Laboratório de Artes has been performing artistic works in various functions related to creation (such as art direction and set design) for shows by several theatrical companies from São Paulo, such as Pia Fraus, Parlapatões, Cia da Tribo, Le Plat Du Jour, Meninas do Conto, Teatro Natio, Barracão Cultural, Bendita Trupe, Cia. Balagan, Circo Roda Brasil, also performing during this time a continuous research and training of its actors in search of an authorial work.
Maracujá Laboratório de Artes was founded by Sidnei Caria, a brazilian actor and director. He was assisted by Lucas Luciano, Silas Caria and Tetê Ribeiro, and later, Camila Ivo was added up to the group's fixed core.
The company's experiments include video surveys, shadow theater, music, physical theater, manipulation and creation of different types of puppets, projection, besides other artistic proposals.
In 2009, in addition to the works of set design, art direction and costumes, he also performed puppet manipulation and live animation performances at Dr Morris e os Vivos musical shows and began working in the creation of his first theatrical production, which debuted in 2010: Rabisco - a perfect dog (Rabisco, in English, means "scribble", and it is a pun with the theme of the piece, which deals with a drawing of a dog that comes to life). Based on the book of the same name of the award-winning author and cartoonist Michele Iacocca, the show was nominated in 03 categories of the 2010 Coca Cola FEMSA Children's and Young Theater Prize (and received the best adaptation award).
In 2013 the group debuted its second production: O Buraco do Muro (The Hole in the Wall), a show  for all ages that mixes music, puppet theater, shadow theater and physical theater to tell the story of 3 children who discover the pleasure of reading, Nominated in 03 Categories of the FEMSA 2013 Prize (received the best scenario award), Arte Qualidade Brasil (best national children's show) and CPT Award (best show in a conventional room).
In late 2013 the group was granted a government prize to create a new show for all ages, that was named, E.Terra, that brought the live music research, transforming the entire cast into a band.
In 2014, Maracujá was awarded the 1st Prize Zé Renato, which provided the debut of his first adult show, SPon SPoff SPend. The show was invited to debut at Curitiba International Theater Festival in March 2015 and has staged at Teatro dos Parlapatões and Teatro Cacilda Becker in São Paulo.
The co-production The Adventures of Bambolina was made in partnership with Pia Fraus in 2008. In this work the Maracujá Laboratório de Artes was responsible for the scenary, puppets and art direction, besides having two of its members in the cast (Camila Ivo and Sidnei Caria, who was also the play's director). The show received 04 nominations for the 2008 FEMSA Award (received the best director award), and Sidnei Caria received the APCA for best actor in children's theater.
Based on other book by Michele Iacocca, Nerina - the black sheep is an operetta with puppets and actors and is the most recent show of the group, contemplated with a government prize for its creation.
In addition to these works,  Maracujá Laboratório de Artes also participated in corporate events, creating scenarios, props and puppets for projects such as WWF Brazil's itinerant Water for Life Water for All caravan; Multishow (program Circo do Edgar); Manhas e Manias (for the companies Mabel, Mizuno), Natura, besides others. In 2011, the group made the creation of puppets and props for the show Peixonauta - the case of the great rain, from Aventura Entretenimento. It also created and made puppets and mini-scenarios for the video of the show Cocoricó, by Chaim Produções, as well as developing the script of the scene and manipulating the materials. Created the scenery, puppets and props for the spectacle Palavra Cantada, sem pé nem cabeça from Chaim Produções, based on the songs of the group Palavra Cantada with direction of Marilia de Toledo.
The group has already been contemplated with several governmental prizes, such as FUNARTE Myriam Muniz, CAIXA Cultural, SESI, Zé Renato Prize, ProAC, besides others. Participated in events such as Virada Cultural, Best Shows of 2013, Circuito São Paulo de Cultura, Circuito Paulista de Artes, SESC e Festivals in Brazil, like FIT Rio Preto, Curitiba International Theater Festival, FitaFloripa, FILO (Londrina Theather Festival), Belo Horizonte International Theater Festival of Puppets, FENTEPP (Presidente Prudente Theather Festival), Art Festival for Children, besides others.

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